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본 장비는 액정화면을 통하여 콘크리트 구조물 등의 반발경도 측정시 막대 그래프 및 측정값을 화상처리 하며 반발값을 압축강도로 자동계산 기능이 내장되어 있음. 그리고 저장된 데이터를 프린트 혹은 PC를 통하여 출력 가능함.

-측정범위 : 콘크리트 압축강도 10 n/m2 ~ 70 n/m2

Concrete Testing with original DIGI-SCHMIDT 2000 Hammer, types ND and LD
By entering the depth of carbonation, the conversion of rebound value to the compressive strength is
automatically compensated.

The classic ORIGINAL SCHMIDT concrete test hammer is equipped with a sensor which measures the rebound value of a test impact to a high resolution and repeatability. Basic settings and measured values are shown on the display unit. Operating is menu-guided in different languages.
The DIGI-SCHMIDT 2000 is available in two versions:
? Type ND (impact energy 2.207 Nm) - suitable for use on concrete components of 100 mm thickness or more
? Type LD (impact energy 0.735 Nm) - suitable for use on concrete components of thickness less than 100 mm (e.g.
precast elements) and on cast stone material