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1) 암 파쇄 정도
2) 괘도 및 속도
3) 적절한 지연 시차 및 뇌관 배열
4) 화약 성능
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● Specification


Camera Models
Recording Rate
(Frames per Second)
Recording Time with Standard memory of 2.184 Full Frames (640x480 pixels) Recording Time with Enhanced Memory of 4.368 Full Frames (640x480 pixels)
250M & 250C 25 87.20 seconds 174.40 seconds
30 72.66 seconds 145.32 seconds
50 43.60 seconds 87.20 seconds
60 36.33 seconds 72.66 seconds
125 17.44 seconds 34.88 seconds
250 8.72 seconds 17.44 seconds
500M & 500C 500 4.36 seconds 8.72 seconds
1000M & 1000C 1,000 2.18 seconds 4.36 seconds

Resolution 640x480 pixels CMOS array, 8 bit monochrome or 24 bit color models are available.
For a higher resolution Blaster's TroubleShooter TV camera with 1280x1024 pixels see the Blaster's TroubleShooter-HR Brochure.
Trigger Flexible trigger options allows the operator to create the penfect Pre and Post event trigger setting s for capturing images of the blast.
Trigger activation is selectable by the operator.
Lens Mount Standard C-mount.
Power 4 internal D-cell batteries or 6 VDC from extermal Batlery or 120/220 AC mains power from supplied adapter.
Field Settings The LCD colour display on the TroubleShooter TM has an on-screen menu. The menu alllows the operator to make all camera settings in the field including : selection of play and live modes, trigger mode, recording rate; display size; shutter speed; play forward; play reverse; play speed; play frame by frame in step mode.
Components TroubleShooter TM with standard memory, CD-ROM containing the TroubleShooter TM Operation Guide and MationMeasure software for video downloading and playback, 110-220 AC power adapter(power cord not included), C-mount lens adapter, built-in 127 mm (5in) LCD color display, USB-2port for digital image transfe, CompactFlash port for on-board non-volatile memory (CompactFlash card not provided), Trigger, Pulse in, Pulse Out, IRIG, DB Power In.
Size & Weight TroubleShooter TM 152x127x102mm (6x5x4xin) 1.0kg (2.2 Ibs)
PC Connection USB-2 for downloading avi digital video from the camera for storage on the computer's hard drive andior or use CompactFlash card.
Warranty 1 year Comprehensive Warrnaty.